L’Italia crescere nel deposito marchi Europei

Una statistica che vede l’Italia crescere più del doppio della Germania e superare il Regno Unito è il numero di domande di marchio Europeo depositate.

Fenomeno interessante e da approfondire.

Da https://euipo.europa.eu/tunnel-web/secure/webdav/guest/document_library/contentPdfs/news/EUIPO_TM_Focus_Report_2010-2019_Evolution_en.pdf :

Germany tops the ranking, being responsible for 16% of all EUTM filings. Other large European Union economies, namely Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands and Poland collectively account for slightly more than 27% of total filings (the same percentage as all non-Top 10 countries). Italy´s growth is particularly worth noting, having surpassed the United Kingdom in the number of annual filings in 2016, although the U.K. claims the third overall position for the period in question.